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Rene Jorgensen on the Call the Doctor Show E-mail

NDE expert and researcher Rene Jorgensen appeared on the TV show Call the Doctor along with Dr. Jeffrey Long and David Benneth to discuss the scientific evidence for near-death experiences, research and insights from the experience. Jorgensen also shared his research from his book "The Light Behind God," which investigates the parallels to religion.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016 03:42

In the last few years, quite a few books and movies about near-death experiences have been focused on heaven. From a neurosurgeon’s journey into the afterlife in “Proof of Heaven” to the movie production of “90 Minutes in Heaven” and “Heaven is For Real.”


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Heaven Is Real: A Neurosurgeon’s NDE E-mail


An exciting case of NDE experienced by a scientist who knows the science.

Newsweeks article Heaven Is Real: A Doctor’s Experience with the Afterlife features the really interesting NDE by Dr. Eben Alexander. What is interesting about this case is that Dr. Alexander is a neurosurgeon, who has been teaching neuro-science at Harvard Medical School, and he even admits that he always believed that there had to be a “good scientific” explanation for the NDE.

New NDE research at the IANDS Conference

Rene Jorgensen presented his new NDE research from the book "The Light Behind God" at the 2010 IANDS Conference in Denver, CO. The video is a bit dark due to the power point presentation but you can watch part of this exciting talk here:

Near Death Experiences on the Today Show


Jan 20, 2010 - In an interview on the Today Show, Dr. Jeffrey Long explains some of the evidence of life after death that the research of near death experiences gives us.

The first evidence that he mentions is the study by Kenneth Ring of 31 blind people where 80% were able to see during their NDE. But he also explains that the fact that people, even very young children, describe almost identical elements of the experience points to the experience being universal and not made up.


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