Near Death Experiences on the Today Show


Jan 20, 2010 - In an interview on the Today Show, Dr. Jeffrey Long explains some of the evidence of life after death that the research of near death experiences gives us.

The first evidence that he mentions is the study by Kenneth Ring of 31 blind people where 80% were able to see during their NDE. But he also explains that the fact that people, even very young children, describe almost identical elements of the experience points to the experience being universal and not made up.

On the reporter’s question on how we can be sure these experiences are not hallucinations caused by drugs, Long uses the same answer of universality. However, a better answer could be the case of Pam Reynolds who had flat EEG, no brain activity, during her near death experience. Drugs, chemical reactions in the brain and hallucinations would all show up on an EEG and this suggests that these explanations fall short.


If you missed it, you can watch the interview here:





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