Embraced by Christ


After I collapsed on the floor, I had a sense that I had died.  My heart stopped, it became extremely quiet and all the energy – an intense electrical tingling sensation exited out of my hands and feet.  Next, in the solitude, I hovered over my body for a brief moment and saw myself, my body collapsed on the floor.  Immediately I left the living room and I was facing the front of a gray screen.  I was powerfully aware that I was now in the presence of God the Father Almighty.  The gray screen was shielding me from His pure white rays of radiant and piercing glory.  Some pieces of brilliant light escaped and passed through small holes in the screen, but God chose to shield me from His complete presence.  Spontaneously, I said over and over to Him, “Glory to God in the highest and peace to His people on earth.”  He identified Himself as the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  He did not speak the way we do; his communication seemed absorbed, like a crashing tsunami wave soaking into a dry sandy beach.

Next, I asked if I could see Him.  He responded to me with a simple but emphatic, “No!”  He said, “No, you cannot see me or you will be dead.” He revealed to me that He cannot expose me to His complete glory, that I could not survive such an experience.  He made known to me many lifetimes of Biblical and theological studies in what seemed like seconds.  He spoke of His character, He is my Father and He created me.  He revealed His Fatherhood qualities are composed of duty, righteousness, honor, high expectations, labor, love, steadfastness and judgment.  He communicated not in linear thoughts, but by instant absorption, transmitting millions of messages that flooded my soul in a brief moment.

Then I was taken from His presence and began to drift aimlessly in total blackness, as if I was in some remote part of outer space.  At first, I was terrified of the dark and the void.  Yet, the thought occurred to me that I had just been with God the Father, there is nothing to fear. I began to have faith.  At the moment of having faith, my feet landed on solid ground and I felt more secure in the darkness.  As I looked around, I was transfixed on a small speck of light way out in the black universe.  I watched as it came closer to the planet.  It appeared to be my only hope in the vast darkness.  The light, so it turns out, was actually a great, magnificent, luminous white cross radiating powerful beams, piercing the blackness and slicing through the void in an indescribable way – unlike any illumination we have here on earth.  It powerfully cut through the blackness of the night.  Instantly, I realized that this light
is Christ, as it grew in radiance above me. 

I recognized Jesus in his “sign of the cross.”  Upon realizing that it was Jesus, He immediately came from the cross, flooded me with love, mercy and hugs that exceed millions of times more than any earthly love and hugs a child could ever receive from a mother or father.  As he caressed me with His love and presence, I said to him over and over, “A day in your presence, Lord, is better than thousands elsewhere.”  I wanted to stay right there in His arms forever. However, in those very moments while I was being embraced by Christ, I was sent back to my body . . .  ("Proof of the Afterlife - The Conversation Continues" Br. Gary Joseph, Mercy Books, Los Angeles, 2010, p. 11-12.)

 The book is available at 1-800-BookLog or online at www.ServantsoftheFather.org.  All the proceeds of the book go toward serving the homeless in America. 



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