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Even though 80 -90 percent of people who have an NDE testify that they are convinced there is life after death, the most compelling evidence is the depth and sincerity of their testimonies. Most NDErs do not see themselves as being near to death but actually in death, and because of the power of the experience, there is seldom any doubt of its reality.

The other side or realm is convincing beyond any doubt due to the sheer power of experiencing it and most NDErs call the experience ‘hyper-real’; more real than anything in this dimension. One study found that 96 percent of NDErs said that the experience was not a dream but real unlike anything they had ever experienced in this world.

Another fact that strongly suggests that the NDE is not a dream or illusion is that the experience has a very powerful positive life changing effect. Studies continuously find that most people who have NDEs report that their life has been affected in a profound way. Since both dreams and hallucinations do not have this same effect on people, the life-changing effect of the NDE is strong evidence that the NDE is very real to the experiencer.





Also another interesting study of blind people who had had an NDE showed that 80 percent where able to see during their experience. This ability of blind people to see during the experience is especially a strong argument since 14 people from this study had been blind since birth.




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