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The most common aftereffect of the NDE is that people lose their fear of death. This is not only clear from the many individual testimonies but also many studies find that 80 – 90 percent of people who and an NDE are convinced that there is life after death. In fact, many NDErs who meet the Light on the other side do not wish to go back because the love and acceptance from it is so pleasant that people wish to stay. Most, therefore, do not fear death but look forward to going back to the Light when their life is over here on earth.

Here are some testimonies:

“Before my experience I had wondered, like most, about death, and like most, was afraid of the unknown. I now know that there is no pain, there is nothing other than the ending of one chapter and the turning of the page.”

“At 11:30 pm he stirred and said he had died. I asked him what it was like; he replied, ‘Ecstasy’.”

“My experience of death was wonderful. I was floating high up, no pain, great joy, and no fear…I was overwhelmed with joy.”

You can also watch this inspiring video with NDEr Jayne Smith:



To see more video testimonies go to the "NDE Videos" section of this site.







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