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Having an NDE can be quite an overwhelming experience both psychologically and emotionally. Experiencing another realm or dimension can have a very strong impact on the mind and many people who have NDEs describe their mind being “blown away” by the experience. Therefore, the first year after the experience can be quite hard psychologically because the person is often left alone with an incomprehensible experience without anyone to talk to. During this time it is a good idea to seek help through open-minded therapy, support groups or spiritual practice. Listening to the testimonies or watching videos (e.g. on this site) of other people who have had the same experience is also good for integration of the experience.

After this psychological integration, where you will learn that you are not crazy but just had an unusual experience (along with millions of others :), it is very normal to feel a desire to make changes in your life. The love of the Light in the NDE very often provokes a response in the form of positive life-changes.  You can watch the following video about the aftereffects of NDEs:





However, with these positive life-changes it can still be hard to come back to this world – or descend again – after having been in the Light or seen God. This is the emotional integration. Having experienced such love, peace and joy, sometimes descending back into this physical world can be hard. Here spiritual practices such as meditation can be of help and also spiritual communities can provide a good environment for emotional integration.

Once the emotional integration and the descent is complete, many people have made significant changes to their lives. For some the meeting with the love and compassion of the Light means that there will be a desire to share this Light with the world. If you get to the spiritual question: What should I do with my life? Or what can I do to help? You will be a normal NDEr and on your way to your second Ascension.  Welcome.  

One place you could start is by sharing your testimony under "Share your NDE" (remember to login first) or by contributing to NDE research and thereby let the Light of your experience reach others. You can contact Rene through this site if you would like to take part in NDE research.


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