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New study of Near Death Experiences reveals that people experience `God`. A major result from Rene Jorgensen's new study of 16 near death experiences reveals that people overwhelmingly agree to call the core of their experience - an experience of `God`

   When asked: “What would you describe the core or essence of your experience as”, the study found that 53 percent checked the box with “pure being”, and 60 percent said yes to “essence of existence.” Moving further into trying to put a name on this core or essence the consensus became higher with 73 percent agreeing to call it “the Light”, and a majority of 80 percent calling it “God.” 


Usually people who have NDEs prefer to call themselves spiritual rather than religious, since organized religion will often seem too confined or limited for what they have experienced. However, while experiencers will sometimes object to using the word God it is clear that if we look behind the disagreements of how to interpret God, what this name points towards has very clearly something to do with what people experience in their NDE.

"If you want to call the light God. I have no trouble calling it God. To me it was God and it was for a long time. Now, I think of it as a greater consciousness that we are all part of or something like that. But that can be called God too, so I don't have any difficulty calling it God."

 Here David agrees to call the light God but he clearly also tries to open up the concept, which is something that we often find with people who have NDEs. Generally in NDE research, NDErs tend to use the term a being of light and while they will use God to describe this form of being, it is to be understood as God in a very broad sense. Rather than an experience of God that fits a particular religion, NDErs will have an experience of God in a sense that is spiritually neutral.

 It is only natural to human nature to use the tools available to us, especially if our ability to comprehend is pushed to the limit as in the NDE, and therefore, many people will use their religious background to makes sense of the experience. Some NDErs or people will go so far as taking the NDE beyond a level of certainty and use the experience as evidence of a specific religious tradition or its dogma.


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