NDE Light from Near Death Experiences
Rene Jorgensen on the Call the Doctor Show E-mail

NDE expert and researcher Rene Jorgensen appeared on the TV show Call the Doctor along with Dr. Jeffrey Long and David Benneth to discuss the scientific evidence for near-death experiences, research and insights from the experience. Jorgensen also shared his research from his book "The Light Behind God," which investigates the parallels to religion.


New NDE research at the 2010 IANDS Conference

Rene Jorgensen presented his new NDE research from the book "The Light Behind God" at the 2010 IANDS Conference in Denver, CO. The video is a bit dark due to the power point presentation but you can watch part of this exciting talk here:

Near Death Experiences on the Today Show


Jan 20, 2010 - In an interview on the Today Show, Dr. Jeffrey Long explains some of the evidence of life after death that the research of near death experiences gives us.

The first evidence that he mentions is the study by Kenneth Ring of 31 blind people where 80% were able to see during their NDE. But he also explains that the fact that people, even very young children, describe almost identical elements of the experience points to the experience being universal and not made up.

NDE Conference in Denver Sept. 2 - 4, 2010 E-mail


This years conference of the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS) will be held in Denver, CO, from September 2 – 4 and it is your chance to meet fellow NDErs or discover exciting new insights about near death experiences from both experiencers and researchers.

CNN wrong that Near Death Experiences are in the brain


Friday October 16, 2009, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta reported about Near Death Experiences that these happen in the brain. However, this conclusion is too simple and does not include all scientific facts about NDEs.


The report began with the NDE of Laura Geraghty who was clinically dead for 57 minutes and then brought back to life. Geraghty describes her experience:


"It was very peaceful and light and beautiful. And I remember like, when you see someone you haven't seen in a while, you want to hug them, and I remember trying to reach out to my ex-husband, and he would not take my hand. And then they floated away."


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